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Witnesses Describe Crash in Watertown,WI
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TOWN OF WATERTOWN - They describe the crash as two cannons going off and rushed to help anyone inside the cargo aircraft.

Mike Weihert and his son Andrew heard two planes fly overhead Sunday in the town of Watertown.  They watched as one of the planes came apart in pieces in the sky in a fireball.  Then they watched it take a nose dive.

"It couldn't have been five seconds and he was in the ground," said Mike Weihert.
 His son said he listened to hear someone yelling, "but I didn't hear anything."

While one plane crashed near the Weiherts, the second cargo plane made it all the way to the Dodge County Airport in Juneau.   It landed there in a damaged state, but the three people on board survived.

The victims of the crash have been identified as 25-year-old Robert Chabot,  from Texas, 42-year-old Todd Hagen, and 37-year-old Tracy Marshall-Hagen - both from Vermont.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators say the two planes were testing new fuel equipmnt before a scheduled flight to Iraq.

The NTSB  plans to release a preliminary report by the end of this week, and a full report will be out in six to seven months.

please anyone with comments with this sad sorry please reply.  :D   Thats all the information ill be posting.... thank you

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Witnesses Describe Crash in Watertown,WI
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