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Wings over Pittsburgh
« on: September 07, 2010, 02:40:00 PM »
For anyone headed to WOP (Wings over Pittsburgh) this weekend and even through this week, I will be changeing PIT Ground to the airshow freqs. Currently I have 133.7, 121.25, and 291.7 programmed in. Tonight when I get home ill also include the thunderbirds freqs. If there are any other request aswell just post below and I can add them to the freq list. If your planning to head over this weekend either PM me or message below and hopefully we can meet up.  :-D

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Re: Wings over Pittsburgh
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2010, 03:34:25 PM »
Oh they're going to try for the airshow again?  They must have cut some more flights from the US Air schedule...
Mark Spencer

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Re: Wings over Pittsburgh
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2010, 03:00:47 PM »
Here are the freqs i added their all thunderbird freqs.

Description Frequency
Air to Air 140.0000
Air to Air 140.4000
Air to Air 141.8500
Air to Air 143.8500
Maintenance 148.5500
Air to Air Solos (5-6) 236.5500
Air to Air 236.6000
Air to Air Solos (5-6) 241.4000
Team Leader Command 250.8500
Air to Air Solos (5-6) 273.5000
Air to Air Solos (5-6) 283.5000
Air to Air 322.3000
Air to Air 322.6000
Air to Air Tactical 382.9000
Air to Air Tactical 394.0000
Ground Support 413.0250
Ground Support 413.1000
Ground Support 413.1500
Ground Support 413.2750
Ground Support 413.3500
Ground Support 413.4000
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Re: Wings over Pittsburgh
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2010, 11:44:37 AM »
Looks like the Thunderbirds will be practicing today from 2:30p-3:30p

provided by the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center
Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) Real-time Status
The status information provided on this site indicates general airport conditions; it is not flight-specific.  Check with your airline to determine if your flight is affected.
Due to AIRSHOW, the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) was closed as of Sep 09 at 02:30 PM EST.  The date/time when the airport is expected to reopen is Sep 09 at 03:30 PM EST.
Delays by Destination:  No destination-specific delays are being reported.
General Departure Delays: Traffic is experiencing gate hold and taxi delays lasting 15 minutes or less.
General Arrival Delays: Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less.
This information was last updated: Sep 09, 2010 at 3:43 PM GMT

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Re: Wings over Pittsburgh
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2010, 01:09:20 PM »
Logs for the weekend - static unless noted; bracketed info indicates callsigns. Additions/corrections welcome. Freqs are at the bottom.

AH-64A 90-0471 (unknown/1-104th AVN)
AH-64D 09-05600 (unknown/1-104th AVN)
B-2A 93-1088 (393rd BS/509th BW) - flyby [REAPER 11]
B-52H 60-0041 "Christine" (93rd BS/917th WG) [TUFF 21: AR203 w/STEEL 73]
C-17A 05-5139 (729th AS/452nd AMW)
C-31A 85-1607 (AVN SEC/USAPT) - Golden Knights [GOLDEN KNIGHT 607]
78-0806 "Flight 93: American Heroes" (758th AS/911th AW) - demo [PITT 06]
78-0807 "America's Pride" (758th AS/911th AW) - on show ramp
78-0808 "All Gave Some - Some Gave All" (758th AS/911th AW)
E-2C+ 164353/AF-601 (VAW-77) [WOLF 01]
EA-6B 161881/AG-502 (VAQ-140)
EA-18G 166934/NG-510 (VAQ-138) [RAMPAGE 11: called Patterson Metro]
EA-18G 166895/NL-541 (VAQ-132)
EA-18G 166898/NL-544 (VAQ-132)
F-5N 761551/AF-04 (VFC-13)
F-15E 87-0179 (333rd FS/4th FW) - Strike Eagle Demo
F-15E 89-0471 (335th FS/4th FW) - Strike Eagle Demo
F-16D 89-2165 (112th FS/180th FW)
F-16C unknown/1 (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16C unknown/2 (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16C unknown/3 (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16C unknown/5 (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16C unknown/6 (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16C unknown/# (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16C unknown/# (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F-16D unknown/4 (ADS/57th WG) - Thunderbirds
F/A-18B N846NA (NASA) [NASA 846]
F/A-18C 164217/AA-402 (VFA-25)
F/A-18E 166608/AG-100 (VFA-143)
F/A-18F 166810/AA-103 (VFA-22)
F/A-18F 165877/NJ-122 (VFA-122) - Super Hornet Demo [EXPERT 11 x2]
F/A-18F 166675/NJ-134 (VFA-122) - Super Hornet Demo [EXPERT 11 x2]
KC-135T 58-0045 "Pennsylvania National Guard" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 58-0054 "Allegheny Warrior" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 58-0072 "Bad Company II" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 58-0084 "Ghost Raiders: Final Contact" (varies/171st ARW)
KC-135T 58-0099 "Some Gave All" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp, Sunday mission [STEEL 81]
KC-135T 58-0112 "Spirit of Pittsburgh" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 58-0117 "Steel City Pride" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 59-1460 "Classic Iron" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 59-1468 "Freedom Rider" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp, Sunday mission [STEEL ##]
KC-135T 59-1504 "Pittsburgh: Simply the Best" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
KC-135T 59-1523 "Falcon's Spirit" (varies/171st ARW) - ANG ramp
P-3C 158570/LL-570 (VP-30)
T-1A 90-0400 (99th FTS/12th FTW)
T-6A 00-3571 (8th FTS/71st FTW)
T-38A 65-10324 (394th CTS/509th BW)
T-38A 65-10442 (394th CTS/509th BW)
T-38C 67-14926 (87th FTS/47th FTW) [COLT 55]
T-38C 68-8122 (49th FTS/14th FTW) - flyover for Steelers vs. Falcons [VENT 01]
T-38C 69-7074 (49th FTS/14th FTW) - flyover for Steelers vs. Falcons [VENT 02]
T-44A 160841/G-471 (VT-31/TAW-4) [NAVY 1G 471]
T-45C 167104/B-326 (VT-21/TAW-2) [HAWK 326]
UH-60A 79-23317 (DET.1C/1-169th AVN)

C-GJND H-101 (Manfred Radius) - solo
N103KS Cessna 172S (Kent State University)
N131LF BK 117 C-2 (Allegheny General Hospital Life Flight) [LIFE FLIGHT 1]
N14MW PA-34-220T (Team Oracle) - photo ship
N1743L Cessna 172S (Pittsburgh Flight Training Center)
N206CP Cessna 206H (Civil Air Patrol) [CAP 3715]
N2152Z PA-28-161 (AirQuest Aviation)
N21790 CJ-6 (Blue Sky Yakrobatics)
N22968 C-123K "Thunder Pig" (Beaver County Air Heritage Museum)
N242JK Z-242L (private) - towplane for Manfred Radius
N2581B L-5G "The Cricket" (CAF Keystone Wing)
N260HP Challenger III (Team Oracle) - Sean D. Tucker solo
N262BC SR20 (Cirrus Aircraft)
N273ND PA-28-161 (Moore Aviation)
N345AB DC-3C-S1C3G (1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum)
N36857 Aeronica 65-TAC (private)
N37MT Cessna 172S (Beaver Valley Flying Club)
N39WF L-39 (Nalls Aviation) - L-39 demo
N500EJ C-54E "Spirit of Freedom" (Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation)
N540RH MX2 (Rob Holland) - solo and Firebirds X-Treme
N58KK S-58C (Executive Helicopters & Air Crane Services)
N644KS PA-44-180 (Kent State University)
N684SP Cessna 172S (Condor Aero Club)
N7505B Schweizer 300C (Otto the Helicopter) - solo
N750FD A300B4-622R(F) (FedEx)
N772TA EA-300L (Team Oracle) - Sean D. Tucker media flights
N8985P PA-24-260 (unknown) - on show ramp
N9079Z TB-25N "Panchito" (Disabled American Veterans)
N911CG EA-300S (Jack Knutson) - Firebirds X-Treme
N9136D PA-18-150 (private)
N94422 Sea Harrier FA2 (Art Nalls) - Sea Harrier demo
N94BJ EA-300S (Tim Weber) - solo
N984WU Cessna 172R (Moore Aviation)
N99021 UH-1B "'We Can Fix It!'" (Vietnam Huey Pilots Association)
N99196 Cessna 172P (Civil Air Patrol) [CAP 3720]

87.700 (WFM) PA broadcast
118.700 show discrete
119.100 Tower (10R/28L)
119.350 Departure (South)
120.875 Approach (Southwest)
121.250 Air Boss
121.900 Ground (South)
123.025 discrete (Otto the Helicopter)
123.150 discrete (Otto the Helicopter)
123.450 VENT to FAC (backup)
123.475 Golden Knights
123.950 Approach (Southeast)
124.150 Approach (Northeast)
124.750 Departure (North)
125.900 Approach (Northwest)
126.750 Clearance Delivery
127.800 Ground (North)
128.300 Tower (10L/28R)
130.775 Ramp Control (North)
131.375 Ramp Control (South)
133.700 VENT to FAC (primary)
135.025 Tower (10C/28C 14/32)
*139.800 V02 Diamond/Delta
141.075 Thunderbirds (V01)
141.575 (FM) Civil Air Patrol "PENNCAP" units (heard once)
216.725 (FM) PA "MUSIC" (CH55)
216.975 (FM) PA "BOSS" (CH60)
235.250 Thunderbirds (U01)
252.100 Screamer Ops (AFRC CP)
270.325 Tower (10C/28C, 10R/28L, 14/32)
279.625 Approach (North)
285.575 Departure (South)
291.700 Tower (10L/28R)
311.000 Steel Control (ANG CP)
*322.950 U02 Solos
338.200 Departure (North)
348.600 Ground
353.700 Clearance Delivery
360.800 Approach (South)
376.025 Strike Eagle Demo
413.275 (FM) Thunderbirds Ops
413.325 (FM) Thunderbirds Maintenance
530.500 (WFM) Thunderbirds Intercom