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who wants to be an inventor regarding ATC audio


Chananya Freedman:
Here is an interesting one.
as most of us know, United's channel 9 no longer exists, for the most part. live ATC and wifi only helps so much.
this is my thought process.
we find a way to create some kind of device where we could hear the ATC audio without getting caught. and we won't be interrupted when announcements are made.
there are so many times when i travel to the East coast and want to listen to my full flight. if you use a scanner, you will either get caught or won't work at all or both. it took me a long time before i got the courage to post this. any ideas?   
i will appreciate any insight.
have a great week.

Something like this ?

Maybe change the case to make it look more like an iphone or walkman (or whatever you call them these days). Use regular headphones so it looks like you are listening to music. One problem with a passsive radio like this that covers the whole airband is that you are going to hear all the ACARS chirps too, which might drive you crazy after awhile. If you are really keen connect it to the aircraft wi-fi and run a mobile LiveATC feed so we can all listen in.   

Chananya Freedman:
has anyone used this before? does it work? and @jetscan1, email me, and lets continue there.


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