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Lafayette, IN (Purdue Univ.)
« on: September 30, 2004, 07:37:14 PM »
First of all, let me say EXCELLENT SITE.  My hats off to the person/persons that run this site.  Also a very Big Thank You.

Now a quick question about the above feed.  By the way, Thank you for this feed also, there is a lot of good student and non student traffic at this airport everyday, so you always hear something good along with the good ATC   :D.   I don't seem to be hearing the Indy Freq's.  It shows  

Indy Center: 119.55,133.42,132.2
Indy Approach: 121.1,119.05

Now, I listen to the 132.20 feed live off my scanner, but Im not hearing it online.  Same with 119.55.  I would love to hear the 121.1 because all of the handoff's from the Terre Haute Sector are usually to this controller, but Im not hearing this also.  

Is it set up so that some Freq's are only active at sometimes, say when the Laf tower closes, or are these freq's just hard for the scanner to pick up??  I hope there are active however, would love to set up my scanner to hear the aircraft traffic into Indy with you guys providing the ATC play by play :)

Again, A VERY GREAT SITE, thx to whoever posted this on the VATSIM newsgroup.  Great Info :)


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Lafayette, IN (Purdue Univ.)
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2004, 04:49:19 PM »
I am indeed scanning these frequencies.  However, for the Indy Center frequencies, all you will hear is the aircraft.  Therefore, you may be hearing them but not realizing it.  I listen fairly often and do see the scanner stop on the freqencies and hear traffic for them.  You just won't hear the controller.  I added these freqs because at times (especially during IFR conditions), traffic at LAF is nonexistant.  So, when there's nothing going on at LAF, you may pick up more of the IND approach and ZID freqs.  

Almost anything coming in over Boiler VOR and JAKKS intersection going to IND will be heard handed off from 135.75 or 123.85 (ZAU) to 121.1 (IND approach).  

Also, because of my location, you may be picking up traffic that's closer to your edge of the sector, while I'd pick up traffic thats closer to mine.  So, you may be hearing it, but it may just not be matching up because of the distance and line of site.  Same with 119.55.  That freq, along with 133.42, are directly over Indy.  You may hear traffic switching from those freqs to ZAU up in my area on the feed, but not necessarily where you are.  

Hope this clears some things up...thanks for your questions and comments!