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I love It's such a great site and I'm so thankful for a place where I can listen to ATC from so many places. I like to try and follow various planes as they go from takeoff to landing, KCLT to CYYZ, for example. Looks like the first transfer after KCLT departure is to ZATL on 134.55, but this ZATL sector isn't on, so I'm curious as to what the criteria is for which frequencies get covered. I know there's so many frequencies and not everything can be listed, I'm just curious as to what goes into such decisions.

Thank you for your time, and thanks for the great site.

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What ARTCC sectors we cover all depend on where we can place receivers. ARTCCC transmitters are not located in one place - they are in a variety of locations, some very remote. When we can place a receiver near an ARTCC transmitter we provide coverage for that sector. Sometimes the ARTCC transmitter locations cover many ARTCC sectors/frequencies - in those cases we are very fortunate.

Hope this helps.