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West Pam Beach TFR & FLL Tower


Hi Folks, the Presidents in West Palm Beach, Florida. A TFR is in effect until January 1st 2021. You can hear the fighter jets on the Miami FSS/Misc feed. Also I noticed that Fort Lauderdale (FLL) tower has been mostly down lately so I added it to the Miami FSS/Misc feed until it returns. The feed computer is old and has lately been shutting down, when I notice that I will restart it ASAP.

Merry Christmas

Kel  :-D

Thanks for all that Capt Kelly! Merry Christmas to you too!


A belated thanks, Kel! We're still trying to find a new receiver site for West Palm.

Gotcha Dave. I thought I had one but it fizzled out. i have it in the works to setup one at work address however I haven't had the time and I'm not sure how the reception will be. Will let you know! :wink:

Thanks, Kel!


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