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I am an avid flight sim pilot using FS2004. I've been able to get my head around the terms used in FS2004 ATC speak but when I listen to real ATC's I am unable to understand 90% of the dialoge.

Are there any websites that are designed to get people up to speed with ATC talk? I tried looking at some government sites but they are even less understandable than the ATC. :)

Find an ATC training book.  Should be available in any major public library system, or Amazon if unable to find.

Also, if you hear anything specific that you are unable to understand, feel free to ask here.  I'm sure myself or someone else will be more than willing to explain if we can.

Well, much of the problem I'm having is that there is frequently so much static and/or they are speaking so fast that it's difficult to make out anything at all.

I did hear a controller mentioning a "base turn". I've never heard that term before. What is he refering to?

a "base" turn is when traffic in the pattern turns from flying parellel to the runway to turning towards it.

since you are a simmer (as am i. I am also a real world pilot) imagine when you are doing pattern work at am airport and after flying next to the runway you turn towards it before you turn to face the runway.  That's your base turn.

look here for an idea[/url]


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