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Unavailability of EHAM Frequencies


Dear LiveATC Community,

I have noticed that for the past eleven days, starting from 9 May 2024, all frequencies for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM) have been unavailable. This issue does not affect the Dutch Mill Radar frequencies.

As a regular listener who monitors the air traffic departing from and arriving at Schiphol, I am curious to know the reason for this prolonged unavailability. Is there maintenance being conducted, or are there other reasons behind this disruption? Additionally, is this a temporary issue, or will these frequencies remain unavailable indefinitely?

I appreciate any insights or information that the community or support team can provide.

Best regards!

We lost a critical piece of equipment at the EHAM receiver site. It will take several weeks, at a minimum, to replace. The receiver site is not easy to access. We may configure the working equipment to scan some frequencies instead of having separate frequencies like we have now.

Update: some of the EHAM feeds are back online, but it may take some time before all of the other feeds are back.



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