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« on: February 17, 2013, 05:30:09 AM »
Hey guys first off all 'hello'

My love for aircraft has been getting stronger and stronger as i get older (im 25 now) i use to work in bombardier in Belfast/uk tho i was only a cleaner in it i always seen every day the aircraft being built and even helped built apart of one when i done work experiance in school in Bombardier and dad has 25years experiance of building them so its in the family.

From going to a few local airports and watching endless apon endless videos of plane takes off landings plane documentries etc etc my love is going strong,i hope to save money up for a good camera and travel around the world.

Anyhow,i found this site yesturday which im already addicted to and just lay in bed all night hearing the dublin airport control center.

Question is from what i see here and abit of google i understand that its not possible to listen in on uk airports :( i will settle and be very happy to hear the dublin one and the likes of america as its still cool but would more than love to be able to listen to heathrow airport.

Is there anyway i can listen to uk airports from my house online? where could you find the frequency

Thanks for who ever set up this site its awesom!!
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Re: UK
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Glad it worked...the other good site i can recommend is  great for tracking aircraft in our part of the world ( Dublin in my case0 M50

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Re: UK
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I believe there are legal issues with UK feeds.
the law doesn't excatly allow for casual listening in