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Travis AFB Air Show Weekend Frequencies


Travis is having their Wings Over Solano event this weekend, May MARCH* 16-17.
Blue Angels are the headline this time around. I input a majority of the air show frequencies onto the Travis (KSUU) live feed, hopefully I haven't missed any, but I'll be monitoring it for any needed changes.

Friday, March 15 is usually a fun day of practice to listen in, or watch if you're out there as well!

Squawk 7700:
I can confirm the Blue Angels were on 284.250, 275.350, 237.800.

Show performers Air to Air heard on 123.150. Do you know what the Airboss Frequency was?



I too was wondering about the Air Boss frequency.  I could hear the Blue Angels, Air-Air, but never Air Boss.  Close Call was on.


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