Author Topic: Thanks you Darwin and Wellington Feeders , CWP1/2 thanks for the additions  (Read 2712 times)

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Did anyone besides Dave and me notice that Darwin and Wellington  are gone.  I can sort of understand when feeders see that
only few people are listening  we hope one day you will reconsider.   These were the really interesting feeds to listen to.

A big thanks to CWP 1/2 feeder.  Nice to have the extra days and hours.  Thanks

If you only listen to KJFK or similar and use FlightRadar24 or similar try the smaller Aussies such as YbTL, YbCS and most of all YBAS.


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They may sound like small 'hick' towns, however the way ATC sectors are patched together means that these few feeds actually cover a HUGE portion of the Aussie continent :-)

Geoff  (YBAS Feeder)