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Title: TEB/NY Approach freqs
Post by: mike1mc on January 23, 2005, 08:16:05 PM
Any chance that someone has the capability to set this up? I'd be willing, but can't setup an external antenne (rent apartment) and have bad reception otherwise. I'd love to find Teterboro, Caldwell and the associated NY Approach freqs (119.2 / 127.6).

Otherwise, a great site and thanks to all who host these feeds!!
Title: TEB/NY Approach freqs
Post by: J. White on January 24, 2005, 10:16:53 PM
Love to see KTEB as well! It's a domicile for our VA and I'm a very frequent virtual flyer into and out of KTEB. It's one of NYC's premier bizjet airports and it has an interesting and altitude specific DP that keeps traffic below departures or arrivals at KEWR. I fly the VOR DME A approach (which brings you over the field first) quite often and I've heard that this is used a great deal in RW operations. I'd really like to be able to monitor this chunk of air and land real estate so I hope someone can make it happen.

Thanks to all of those folks that have set up the feeds that we listen to already!

Just my two pence  :wink: