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Possible to follow President Bush's return flight to TX?

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I am interested to follow the return flight to TX.  Looking for the airport and ARTCC codes.

I don't know Andrews AFB.  I suspect one of the Potomac departures would be next.  The flight ends at Ellington Joint Reserve Base (EFD).

Any suggestions?

At about 19:30UTC 12/5/18, I heard them on Potomac Departure.  I used the feed that captured a bunch of sectors - with that many feeds there was a lot of cross talk.  I may go back and try some of the other sectors on the archive.  They identified as "Sam 41."  I heard them several times as they moved through the airspace. 

Another pilot that I couldn't identify must have been referring to seeing it in the air because he said, "That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen."  Indeed, watching SAM29000 taking off on TV with the late president was a somber but magnificent sight, made me proud to be an American! 

Sorry - left out the code - search for KDCA, and then look for "KDCA Potomac App/Dep Audio Archives." If they are available, like I said it was about 19:30 UTC.

I was able to follow it out of Potomac Departure.  I heard the instructions to go to Washington Center on 121.670.  There's no LiveATC feed.  I don't know whether the aircraft is headed for the Indianapolis or Atlanta Center, and have lost track.

It will show up on KIAH Approach later this afternoon for Eddington (EFD) Field.  No tower coverage on LiveATC.  I'll try and backtrack the center for that.  Now that I know a bit more about the altitudes Low, High, & Super High cover, and can take a guess at the sectors.

Thanks for the tip on Potomac Departure.  It confirmed what I'd found from the Andrews departure procedures at a flight tracking site.

I also followed it on the departure feed.  You can hear the pilot respond to ATC as SAM41 if you go to the ATC Audio Archives enter the date of December 5, feed of KDCA Potomac App/Dep with a time of 1930-2000z.  The pilot responds at times of 00:15, 03:15, and 06:31 when he gets handed off to "2167".

Will that be added to "Interesting Recordings" on ATC?


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