Author Topic: Philly live video stream ATC2 audio  (Read 4493 times)

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Philly live video stream ATC2 audio
« on: March 29, 2005, 11:27:44 AM »
Can anyone confirm if both transmisions are in the same time
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Philly live video stream ATC2 audio
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2005, 02:53:09 PM »
Ref sync Philly Webcam with live atc  I use Webcam One frequently linked with the sound from Philly tower from this (Daves) site.
I have found both well an example on Sunday last the tower could be heard giving lufthansa 427 clearance for takeoff and seconds later the Lufthansa 747 could be seen lumbering down the runway behind the United parking area on Webcam one'.
For your interest another good webcam to link up with from the atc audio on this site is Anchorage  Alaska.Unfortunatly these cams are down a lot ...but when up are very good with lots of 747 action ,,at the moment  Alaska is app 9 hours behind no daylight on camera until about 5 pm local BST.... hope this info is useful.  AKB

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Philly live video stream ATC2 audio
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2005, 03:26:44 PM »
akb, you saw the first DLH 744 departure out of Philly in over a decade. Luckily Lufthansa scheduled the 744 for the summer schedule for 4x a week and we will still get the A343 for 3x a week. I wish there were more camera's and I wish the one between D and E terminals was turned to see the 27R approach end  :?