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PDX approach on different frequency?


Yesterday, December 31st, I drove to portland for the day. When I was there, the north approach sector was on 133.0 instead of 124.35. this was the frequency listed on old charts. (I don't know when that changed) but I was surprised that it is being used now, since all the current charts show this sector using 124.35. Does anyone know why they switched frequencies?

(If you want to provide a feed for this frequency, the ground transmissions come in clearly along I-5 north of the airport, so it may be transmitting from scappoose or the BTG VOR site)

There are frequency interference and radio maintenance issues all the time in various places. Perhaps it was just a temporary switch? due to interference or equipment issues? FAA TechOps would know, if anyone knows someone in the area....or any PDX controllers.

According to NOTAM it's estimated to come back on January 5th.

12/036 - COM REMOTE TRANS/REC 124.35 U/S. 17 DEC 22:08 2022 UNTIL 05 JAN 20:00 2023 ESTIMATED. CREATED: 17 DEC 22:08 2022


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