Author Topic: PCDUINOv3 server (armv7l)+RTL2832U/R820T to share Blagnac Airport ATC (LFBO/TLS)  (Read 3439 times)

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I would like to share Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (LFBO / TLS) ATC with a PCDUINOv3 server.
Toulouse Blagnac Airport, is the airport of Airbus Industrie, where Airbus like A380, A350, A400M are built and tested. All tracker site (FlightRadar24, Flightaware, Planefinder, VirtualRadar, ... ) show aircraft track via ADS-B, even on landing and taxiing. It would be great to offer the possibility to everybody to listen the tower frequencies of this airport via

MY PROJECT is to use a PCDUINO, a micro-computer of low watt consumption (about 5W-10W) and a low cost RTL2832U/R820T multiband to feed frequencies of airport to . The low consumption of PCDUINO permit me to keep the PCDUINO server online all the time. The consommation of a computer is too much for me.

Has somebody already tried that ?

For the moment, I can not go further. The low-level driver works (RTL-SDR). I can control gain, frequency tuner, and have signal data.
Nevertheless, I don't know how to demodulate the signal in AM, and I can't install GNURADIO (compilation failure : " référence indéfinie" in compilation of "git clone").

I keep searching. If somebody have some piece of advice to share, don't hesitate. If I succeed, will be able to add airport ATC feed, and not an ordinary airport : Airbus Airport !

I thank you, and looking forward to sharing with you all information that could help me to realize my project.


Here are informations of PCDUINO :

Type : PCDUINOv3
System : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr
Linux Kernel : 3.4.79+
Processor :  ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l), 1GHz
Architecture : armv7l / armhf

Information about multiband tuner :
Type : Realtek RTL2832U Multiband USB key
Tuner : R820T
Frequency Range : 24MHz-1850MHz
Tuner Gain : 0.0 to 49.6 dB
Sampling Rate : 2048000 S/s
Driver : RTL-SDR, installed on PCDUINO, and working
GNURADIO : Set up problem

Here are airport information :

Airport :
Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac
Runway :
14R/32L    3,500m    11,483ft    Bituminous concrete
14L/32R    3,000m    9,843ft    Bituminous concrete

Frequencies :
ATIS : 123.125MHz
TWR : 118.100MHz (Tower)
APP : 129.300MHz / 125.175 (Approach)
I receive all frequencies with the RTL2832U/R820T multiband usb key of this airport, except ground frequencies.
I have also a Maycom FR100 Multiband to check.