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Title: PAR Electronics Filters
Post by: dave on January 28, 2005, 08:06:41 AM
PAR Electronics seems to have some great filters for scanner enthusiasts.

Their VHF-FM filter will probably benefit airband listeners.  It notches the FM broadcast band (88-108 MHz), which is often a source of trouble for airband listeners who live close to high-power FM radio stations.

From their catalog:

"The VHF-FM filter is a classical 3 pole filter designed to substantially reduce signals from the FM broadcast band by a minimum of –25 dB and a maximum of –50dB. A 10 turn precision piston capacitor allows the end user to custom tune one of the notches ( it is factory preset at 98 MHz). Loss at 116 MHz is only –3dB, dropping rapidly from there to only -1.7 dB at 120 MHz."

Universal Radio carries this filter for $66.95 (Order #0098).

There is also the BCST-HPF for those experiencing interference from AM broadcast stations.  It passes 1.8-200 MHz and notches out 0-1.7 MHz.

Universal Radio has it for $48.95.  Order #4426

If you don't hear radio stations on your feed or on your scanner while listening to airband, you probably do not need one of these.

Title: PAR Electronics Filters
Post by: pocho on January 28, 2005, 07:17:47 PM
This filter looks pretty cool too. .

Also, this one blocks out:
FM Broadcast Band 88-108MHz,
Paging Frequencies around153MHz,
Shortwave, PMR, etc.