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HF feeds problem report
« on: October 31, 2012, 04:52:43 AM »
Hi. Don't want to be a bother, I know there may be much facility still adrift within the LiveATC network since the hurricane. I just wanted to make the appropriate folks aware of this, since it seemed to begin before the hurricane and persists as of this posting.

Of course, right now people need to take care of more important matters. I know this report will be addressed in due course when possible. I am NOT complaining!  :wink: Stay safe; best of luck New England!
Feed problem report

Apparently beginning near 1210272339z and continuing as of 1210310650z, I noticed missing audio from the following connectable feeds:

a/k/a (on LiveATC search results): "HF Atlantic NAT (NAT-A)";
a/k/a (in player): "Atlantic HF (NAT Tracks)";
a/k/a (while connected): "HF NAT-A:5598 kHz"

a/k/a (on LiveATC search results): "HF Atlantic NAT (NAT-B)";
a/k/a (in player): "Atlantic HF NAT Tracks (NAT-B)";
a/k/a (while connected): "HF NAT-B: 5616 kHz"

a/k/a (on LiveATC search results): "HF Atlantic NAT (NAT-C)";
a/k/a (in player): "HF NAT-C";
a/k/a (while connected): "HF NAT-C: 5649 kHz"

a/k/a (on LiveATC search results): "HF Caribbean (CAR-B 6577)";
a/k/a (in player): "HF CAR-B 6577";
a/k/a (while connected): "HF NAT-A: 6577 MHz" (<- labelling error: according to recent Jepp HF comms text, NAT-A does not make use of 6577, and the obvious typo should be kHz)

For each of the above feeds, it is possible to connect to the feed and the chosen player indicates it is playing, however no audio is presently heard.

Observed symptoms located in the archives:

20121027 2230Z file +8m57s - a "pop" sound, followed by null audio
(the null audio appears to continue to the present, based on sporadic archive sampling, and no recent archive files appear to even exist)

20121027 2230Z file +8m57s - within a few seconds, disturbance followed by much quieter static
(by at least 20121029 0000Z file, the audio had become null)

20121027 2230Z file +11m04s - disturbances followed by null audio

20131027 2230Z file +10m59s - disturbances followed by null audio by +11m16s
(archive sampling suggests either null audio or only a very faint hum in later files)

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Re: HF feeds problem report
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2012, 05:56:46 AM »
Those are all feeds at my home.  I am on business travel and not home until Saturday but the issue is a failed 12V power supply.  Should be fixed by Saturday night - until then all those feeds will be down.