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KMSP - Favorite Controller Retiring
« on: November 29, 2018, 04:05:43 AM »
I am not sure if this is kosher or not .. but I figure those of you who broadcast and also listen to the feeds develop appreciations for the people we enjoy listening to do their jobs - both flight crew and ATC .. well, you might not find this too egregious. So .. here goes.

Tonight, well morning in actuality, my favorite Controller out at KMSP is retiring. Might even be out the .. nope - just gave "Juliet and Yankee" for arrival and departure info .. which I STILL have no clue what they mean. But anyway - and forgive me .. I tend to write like I talk - I was listening in January or February later at night/earlier in the morning when he told a MAC Ops (Metropolitan Airports Commission) gentleman he was retiring this year.

At that time, he thought October .. which I dreaded. I like the new kids coming up .. the two gals who sound so similar that my husband and I joke they must be twins, the guy who says tree instead of three and the one newer young guy who kinda sounds like he could be the retiring controllers son .. but my favorite is him. So polite and very courteous. Trust me .. I listen to Sun Country Airlines fly from KSFO to KMSP in the overnights during the summers (I tend to switch over to KSFO after KMSP gets quiet) and there is one gentleman out there at KSFO who can be very short with folks. But this guy here at KMSP - even in crisis mode - he never snippy, always professional but still nice and courteous.  Basically, it is pretty much word for word what the gentleman from MAC Ops said to him in January or February when he then announce he was retiring.

But .. it is silly likely .. but if anyone out there knows him .. can you tell him that he is a very special person? Because he has saved my life on so many occasions just by being a really great person. 

I have had some hellacious health problems in the last 20 years. I can't recall exactly when I found Live ATC and started listening to KMSP on my crummy Win XP PC - and now have moved so far into the tech future I listen on my phone! WHAAAT??!!?? NEVER could have seen that coming!! - but he has been there since day one. I think his was the first voice I remember. Him and the brusk but also excellent gal who likely retired 4 or 5 years ago? But he has been there on my little PC or my phone being nice day in and day out - being the same nice guy always. I swear, I don't know how he did it. But in the darkest times, when I was really struggling with the hardships that being ill brought me, he was there always nice and courteous. (Tiny crush .. my husband knows .. it's cool.)

I will miss him. I am sure others who listen to KMSP will, too. But I just wanted to say Thank You. Your amazing attitude just lifted me on days it was really hard to get to tomorrow. You go have fun with your loved ones. I am not sure if there is an aviation phrase akin to "fair winds and following seas" .. but if there is  - I certainly wish you that!