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Hello from a brand new member.  I'm not sure if this is the best place for an intro, but it's my best guess.  This looks like a great community.  I'm both a pilot and a plane observer.  I've got a front row seat for local float planes and higher altitude traffic between CYYJ and CYVR from one home, and a good amount of arrival/departure traffic at the other home, near KVGT and KLSV.  I could see myself setting up a listening station and a live cam in the future.  As a kid I had KTCM recorded with an iCom VHF and a Sony cassette player ... my buddies and I would catch our dad's coming home for Asia on C-141s and doing touch and gos in F-106s.  Obviously technology has brought us a long way.  Good stuff.  

Anyhow, a friend of mine is retiring from professional flying in a few days - over 40 years in the sky between the Navy and airlines.  Since I am deeply involved in a training program, there is zero chance of educating myself enough to personally record any of the ATC work associated with his flights.  Is there anybody out there that would be able to help?  I'd like to capture both Seattle and Vancouver Centers, but KSEA Tower and Ground are more important.  There will be an ARFF greeting with water for the return to KSEA, which of course would be precious to capture.  I assume their comm will be on Ground, but I'm not positive.  The other end is unlikely, as my limited reading suggests that capturing ATC transmissions in the UK is problematic.  But if it's possible, all the ATC associated with an EGLL taxi, takeoff and departure would be a huge bonus, as would any cam feeds, anywhere.

Combined with some other audio and video I have, some moments from the final flights would be great ingredients for an edited video package that I'd like to congratulate him with.  All that is a lot to ask, but you never know until you ask!  I will appreciate any guidance anyone can offer for grabbing a piece of my buddies last times in the sky.  Thanks!
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