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New ZOB feed (Moon Township)
« on: January 21, 2021, 09:09:31 AM »
Thanks for the new ZOB feed at Pittsburgh (Moon Township RCAG).

If you weren't already aware, while you are getting great controller reception on 121.075 and 134.475 they rarely seem to put aircraft on these frequencies, especially now with the reduced traffic. If you wanted to hear the aircraft you will find them on 119.725 (combines with 121.075) and 135.175 (combines with 134.475).

The latest AFF and an older version of the ZOB SOP also show 133.075 located at the Moon Township RCAG. I know the RR database shows 133.075 over in Altoona but I'm not sure what is correct ? Can anyone confirm if 133.075 is transmitting from Moon Township near (KPIT) ?

If this was an SDR feed and it wasn't to much trouble it might work better if you could split this feed into 3 based on area coverage.

Feed 1 (northeast)
121.075 - controller
119.725 - aircraft
125.875 - controller and aircraft (sector combines with 121.075/119.725 as required)

Feed 2 (southwest-south)
134.475 - controller
135.175 - aircraft
125.425 - aircraft (sector combines with 134.475/135.175 as required)

Feed 3 (southeast)
133.075 - controller (maybe ?)
132.125 - aircraft (sector combines with 133.075 as required)

When traffic gets back to normal there will be times when 134.475 is split off and used separately but in the past it was only used infrequently as required. Even back during peak times I've never heard 121.075 split off as a separate sector. I'm guessing they would only need it when weather (thunderstorms) are impacting the area ? Anyone ever hear aircraft on 121.075 ? Fortunately even though aircraft don't seem to use it the controller appears to simulcast on 121.075 H24.

If it helps at all attached are my sector notes for the area.