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How do I tune receivers? I am currently in the Frankfurt/Main Receiver and I can't listen to anything. Can someone give me some advice on how to even operate and tune receivers?

I am referring on WWW.REMOTEHAMS.COM


Jona you need to request club membership in each radio (which may not cover air band). If the owner of the radio is in chat then you can respectfully ask him if you can make the radio available for VHF AIR and be allowed to tune. Most owners aren't receptive to VHF AIR but there are some that are nice enough to allow you to do so and will make you a controller even if you do not have a ham license.



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...Until I read that the entire act has been repealed and subsequent laws doing the equivalent have also been repealed!!

So that brings up the question... if those laws have been repealed, should it not be safe to have a feed hosted in the UK? If there are any British here, could you speak up about this?


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Hi BL...hope all is well...what is your source? That law was repealed and then replaced by other telecom laws later on, and granting broad powers to OfCom, among other things. No changes that I am aware of, unless your source is very new.


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That's actually it, Dave... I'm actually asking the question. I saw that the entire Telephony Act of 1949 was repealed. A quick google search got me this:

--- Quote ---According to Is it illegal for Joe Public to listen to ATC in the UK? over on Aviation.SE, although aviation transmissions are broadcast publicly, in the clear, unencrypted; it is illegal to listen to them live on a scanner or such.

The Radiocommunications Agency (now OFCOM) issued some guidance about this in 2001.

The specific offence is defined by s5 Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949:

Any person who ... uses any wireless telegraphy apparatus with intent to obtain information as to the contents, sender or addressee of any message (whether sent by means of wireless telegraphy or not) of which neither the person using the apparatus nor a person on whose behalf he is acting is an intended recipient ... shall be guilty of an offence under this Act.

It's also an offence under s5(1)(b)(ii) to disclose the contents of any such message, so the reception and disclosure of radio messages not sent by or addressed to you are both offences.

I don't know if there have been any successful prosecutions specifically for monitoring aircraft communications. I doubt whether a hobbyist listening for his own enjoyment would attract the attention of the authorities, but if he started to publish recordings of the traffic then that might well do it.

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However, that leads me to looking at the Act itself:

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Act repealed (8.2.2007) by Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (c. 36), s. 126(2), Sch. 9 Pt. 1 (with Sch. 8 Pt. 1)

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There is nothing specifically listed in the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 2006 that references air traffic control. They do reference if you are operating a station from the sea or in the air, but nothing related to ATC, hence why I was asking the question about the law forbidding this being repealed.



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