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Title: New KLGA Feed Now Online!!
Post by: RonR on November 24, 2014, 10:22:08 AM

A new KLGA feed is now up and running.  Thanks to Dave for all of his help!!

The setup consists of six radios tuned to a variety of KLGA frequencies.  The feed site is located about 4 air miles from KLGA with an antenna mounted on a high roof.  Aircraft on the ground at KLGA can easily be heard on both the GND and TWR frequencies!

A total of six feeds have been added; the frequencies are allocated like this:

  129.4      NY Arinc
  126.05    KLGA TCA
  135.2      KLGA Clearance Delivery
  121.875  KLGA Clearance Delivery (Helicopters)

KLGA Ground
  121.7    KLGA Ground
  121.85  KLGA Ground
  127.67  KLGA Ground

KLGA NY Approach (HAARP)
  120.8    NY Departure
  124.95  NY Approach

KLGA NY Departure
 120.4  NY Departure

KLGA Tower #1
  118.7  KLGA Tower

NY Approach (Liberty/North)
  118.175  NY Departure

Both sides of transmissions (ATC and aircraft) can be heard on all of the new feeds.  The original plan was to include one or two KLGA approach frequencies (namely 134.9 and 127.3) but as it turns out, for some reason (known only to the FAA gods) these two frequencies don't transmit out of KLGA so it didn't make sense to include them especially since these two freqs are already covered by someone else.