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Negative RVSM


Jane G:
Someone here will be bound to know the answer to this. What is negative RVSM? And for that matter what is a YPT? as in "we have two UM and one YPT". UM is understood but no amount of guessing will solve the other one.


Jane G

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums

I'm guessing if a pilot says he's negative RVSM, that means his aircraft is not RVSM certified.   I don't know what the UM and YPT mean.

Jane G:
Thanks Biff,

That makes sense. UM stands for Unaccompanied minor, but the YTP is still a mystery.


Jane G

Richard Price:
I'm familiar with YP and YPTA which stands for Young Person and Young Person Travelling Alone. Unnacompanied Minor is usually someone under the age of 12, and YP would be someone between 12 and 15 or 16 (depending on the airline). UMs are usually grouped together on the flight, while YPs are allowed to sit in a normally assigned seat.


Jane G:
Thanks Richard,

That clears things up nicely.

Jane G


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