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Hello ATC,

I am a retired controller working on the Tech Ops side of things as an ATC SME.  I have a few questions for an active or recently active controller from the Kenned area.

1)  Is there a Lendy Sector?  If so What frequency is assigned to that position and what is the position symbol?  Their most current SOP shows it as Position 2E which appears to be a spare, but no frequency.  I am not certain if the SOP is not up to date or I am missing something.  The SOP speaks about PACP and Lendy so in some cases it appears to be a sector.  Other times only the LENDY arrival is mentioned.

 Any clarifications would be appreciated.

That may be a dated doc you're reading. As far as I know, 2E was last known as a spare in the JFK area. Arrivals on the LENDY EIGHT are usually handled on 128.125 (when the CAMRN Sector is open). Otherwise they're handled on 125.7 (ROBER Sector) since that's the default open arrival sector when traffic or staffing can't support CAMRN being open.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Dave. 


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