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--- Quote ---The LGGG feed shows that 134.325 and 125.200 are heard but I guess some others can be heard also.
--- End quote ---

I just checked some archives from today, 1500-1600 UTC, in addition to the other frequencies you can hear through cross-coupling, it does appear there is at least a 3rd frequency on the radio ? You could hear 3 different controllers during this time working 3 distinct areas.

Sounded like one controller was working Kirkira + Kefallinia + Paleochora sectors (on 134.325, 124.625, + ??), another was working Milos + Sitia sectors (on 125.200), and the 3rd controller was working Rodos + Kavos sectors (on 133.325, + ??). (see chart below - you need to be logged onto the forum).

So the 3rd frequency could be 133.325 or another one linked with it ?

From what I've heard on the overnight shift they split the airspace into 2 areas with Milos and Sitia combined with Rodos and Kavos, they also seem to use this configuration during the day when it's slow. When it gets busy the sectors must get further split up laterally and vertically, although so far I've never heard them split off the airspace vertically above FL330. Maybe a winter thing when it gets real busy with the holiday traffic ?

To further complicate things they seem to use multiple or backup frequencies on a regular basis, in addition to 134.325 in the kirkia sector I've also heard them use 127.725 and 133.725.

It would be helpful to know exactly what frequencies are actually on the radio ?

Hello JS

That's exactly why I started this post.

I think more than 2 freqs are being monitored by the radio on the station. Let's see if some admins open our eyes.

Thanks for your info. I think that they combine the sectors just as you mentioned cause it makes a lot of sense

LGGG feeder or admins can help us to figure this out?

Could we have Geneva airport (Switzerland) feed on Live ATC.  Here are the frequencies taken from official documents.
LSGG TOWER  118.700
LSGG APRON    121.855
LSGG ATIS     135.580
LSGG FINAL (only opened on peak traffic)   120.305
LSGG DELIVERY (departure clearance delivery)  121.680
LSGG SWISS RADAR  North West  SFC-F240    134.025
LSGG SWISS RADAR  North East  SFC-F240    128.900
LSGG SWISS RADAR  South    SFC-F240      124.255
LSGG SWISS RADAR  F250-F280       134.850
LSGG SWISS RADAR  F290-F310       126.050
LSGG SWISS RADAR  F320-F330       134.315
LSGG SWISS RADAR  F340-F350       136.015
LSGG SWISS RADAR  F360-F370       128.155
Thank you


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