Author Topic: Looking for 121.5 recording between KHVN and KGON for PA28 crash 8/8/2009  (Read 6172 times)

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I was in N135SR and monitoring guard when a cherokee came up with an engine failure and went down in the Connecticut River north of I95. The Tower Chief at BDR doesn't have 121.5 recording on the tapes, not sure who else would at this point. We were talking with the guy since he was below radio coverage and acting as a relay for some parts for the Center frq and then working SAR as we blew east at around 200 knots. If anyone was on or knows of a facility that has the tapes, i'd be interested to know. Also trying to find the contact info for the guy to make sure he ended up alright.
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Was this today?  Exact time?  We may have it on one of the receivers within range of GON. 


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Is this the one?

Small Plane Crashes off of Westbrook
Pilot, Lone Occupant Uninjured: State Police
Updated 8:44 PM EDT, Sat, Aug 8, 2009

A 77-year-old pilot was rescued from Long Island Sound by a jet-skier after his plane crashed off of Westbrook Saturday afternoon.

State police say that Albert Sheehy of Cross River, N.Y. was in route to Danbury from Block Island when his single-engine propeller plane began experiencing engine trouble near Duck Island at around 3:30 p.m. Sheehy attempted to land his plane near I-95, but police say that the highway was too crowded for him to make a safe landing.  Police say that Sheehy then decided to land in Long Island Sound instead.
After landing, Sheehy was rescued by a passing jet-skier. Sheehy, who was the pilot and sole occupant of the plane, was not injured during the crash.

N6690W - Piper PA/28 - Albert Sheehy, Cross River, NY

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