Author Topic: JFK "PROBLEMS"  (Read 5959 times)

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Interesting article in USA TODAY about KJFK:

Very interesting indeed. and while the whole article is good and filled with bits about what is going on with the US ATC system, this quote really stood out:

Built on marshland in Jamaica Bay about 12 miles from Manhattan, JFK originally was known as Idlewild, the name of the golf course that once was on the site.

As someone whovisits and supports Paul Freeman's Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields site, I find it funny that this has been the exact opposite of what is happening now as of late.

Plus, the hypocrisy of it all. They are complaining about the airways being too full and overcrowded, yet they close airports that could potentially offload those heavily used airways, and turn them into housing; or the latest big thing, build residential areas in the arrival or departure corridor of fields, and have the homeowners complain about the noise from an airport that existed before their home did.