Author Topic: How to feed multiple channels: Scanning? Left/Right Stereo? Separate Channels?  (Read 1255 times)

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I have been a feeder for our regional airport for several years now. I scan with RTL SDR between two frequencies Twr and App/Dep.

This works quite well so far. Since there is rarely anything to hear on both channels at the same time, you normally have everything under control and miss almost nothing.

But when there is a lot of traffic, strictly according to Murphy's law, the channel that you do not want to hear always stops.

Now I am thinking about whether I should adjust the feed:
- Separate channels? Unfortunately, I can't listen to both channels at the same time in the LiveATC APP though....
- Both channels at the same time (one left, one right). Might then lead to stress when talking on both channels at the same time....
- Or just continue scanning mode

So depending on the time of day and listening situation, I would have to have one or the other. I would be interested to hear what your experiences or wishes are. Or do you have any ideas on how to listen to separate channels in the LiveATC app at the same time if you want to?


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We will eventually have the ability to listen to multiple channels in the apps. But the best thing to do is just feed them in stereo and separately. Since you are using SDR's this is easy to do. Submit a help request and we can coordinate that - happy to help.