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Understanding the gibberish
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How Does A Thing Printer Work?
Make sure it is on a light background, if it can be a black plastic card, draw a white rectangle before you position the bar code, otherwise the scanner will not beable to read it. For bar code type, C39 is the most talked about. Also for the location of bar code, you have to check with client as to what kinds of scanners theyare using, particular kinds of scanners can only go ahead and take bar code close to the advantage. If you have to resize the bar code, please they make itin proportion.
Some basic things to recollect when creating artwork any kind of kind of print project are: saving the digital file out as a 300 dpi CMYK file and supplying any fontsor placed images used in creating the artwork. Supplying your printer with the elements needed to take on the production process can make the card projectrun smoother while keeping your completion date on target.
Because just about everyone carries specified plastic card in their wallet or purse, these cards are an excellent opportunity by utilizing awareness inside your servicesor products. To build e-mail marketing you to promote your name and your message towards the public.
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It will pay to check out numbers, bar codes, magnetic strips and OCR to guarantee different individuals will have different cards. The custom plastic card printing can ensure that you get the different bar code format. For additional information information about plastic gift cards, go here.

This can be done with an embossing machine easily. Along with the color can be gold, silver and schokohrrutige. It depends on the design with the card. Embossingcan be capitalized characters and numbers. Do not exceed 21 digits in 1 queue. And too many embossed characters, credit card will bend. Also embossingwill affect the printed text throughout the back. It will make them un-readable.
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Ink-jet technology does not work so well for plastic because plastic is not porous, rather it is compact and a much harder material. So any jets of ink would perhapsdry on the plastic, but is usually easily erased from it too. So a different approach is well liked. In this approach, the solid layer of color is first heated up bya microscopic tank. The dot of color evaporates (sublimates), lands on the plastic card, bonds at a time plastic substrate (base), and cools within. This is calleddye-sublimation process. Because of the heating needed, the process is slower than ink-jet printing but still sufficiently fast.

Printing on plastic offers some pretty creative overall results. Imagine having a clear or frosted business greetings card! The majority of the ones above could beused your plastic card printing too.
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Re: Understanding the gibberish
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Listen more.
Maybe watch a few VasAviation videos on youtube, they have subtitles for the communication.

Also try finding an "easier" frequency. Watching planefinder or FR24 in parallel also helps greatly, make sure you have callsign labels enabled.

What frequency are you listening to, tower, approach or center?