Author Topic: [Audio Clip] A typical flight from Montreal to Ottawa on Air Canada Jazz 8779  (Read 3387 times)

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(Once again, I've decided to post the following audio clip onto the 'Listener Forum' instead of the 'Aviation Audio Clips' forum because this audio clip isn't anything that is specifically special/out of the ordinary/interesting about the flight)

Similar to this post I made not too long ago (, I've managed to put together this audio clip from start to finish for Air Canada Jazz 8779 from Montreal (CYUL) to Ottawa (CYOW) on December 21//22, through the use of various CYUL feed and the CYOW feed.

Many flights were delayed two weekends ago because of severe winter weather in eastern Canada, combined with the fact that additional Montreal Centre frequencies are monitored/combined with frequency 124.275 in the CYOW feed during the overnight hours resulted in an opportunity for me to put this audio clip to together.

Attached is the audio clip. Note that some conversations/instructions/readbacks during the flight were missing, but not something I'm too concerned about...