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KRIC possibility, but have some questions for city-based scanners


Hi! I'm a lurker on ATC youtube videos and LiveATC with some plane enthusiast friends who got me into it and I'm living around the Richmond International Airport, but I'm incredibly new to radio scanning. I'd love to be a potential provider for the KRIC ATC feeds but I'm concerned about the fact that I kinda live nearly in the middle of The Fan and downtown is between me and the airport. All those buildings would interfere with the scanning quality, I'm assuming.

Is there anyone in a similar situation (Lives in or around a downtown metro area and is scanning an ATC) that could let me know what to expect? Or if I should wait until I can move out further from the city center like I plan to in a year or so?

If you want i can bring my scanner by and see how well it is, your a bit further out than me and im not getting the best.
Was hoping to see if i could host too but was trying to find more information.

Ah yikes, I'd love to try when I get back from STL if you're willing, but if you're closer to the airport and getting poor signal I might have to wait a bit lol

We're working on a new feed setup for RIC. Stand by for more information within the next few weeks hopefully.

Oh! Great! Hope it pans out!


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