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KJFK to EGLL en route ATC frequencies


  I realise ATC frequencies vary from flight to flight but this is a question as if there is a rough guide
to which  ATC centres or frequencies or  services an aircraft would use on a flight from KJFK to EGLL?
eg KJFK - clearence,ground,tower, KJFK Dept Liberty North (Rwy 4L) KJFK  departures, Xyz centre, etc etc?

I never know which channel to change to as they depart a runway and its difficult to pickup from the pilot or atc
 what freq change is being made.
Any help appreciated

So as far as I know, a flight from JFK to LHR would go from JFK Ground on either 121.9 or 121.65 (both on the JFK Ground feed), then the flight would switch to Kennedy tower (119.1 most of the time). Departure frequency is usually 135.9 (NY Departure JFK feed), but I've noticed that at night they combine departure with approach on 125.7 (ROBER sector). After this the flight is most likely handed off to Boston center...don't remember the frequency off the top of my head. As for EGLL, it is currently illegal to broadcast ATC feeds in the UK, so you won't be able to listen to any ATC from EGLL or from the rest of the UK, unfortunately.

Wonderful.Thankyou very much for your assistance.
Kind regards

Likely Boston sectors to the northeast (e.g. MERIT HFD PUT) are ZBW19/134.0 and ZBW46/multiple.  If the initial route is toward the east (e.g. BETTE ACK or HAPIE YAHOO), ZBW32/135.8, ZBW31/124.52, ZBW18/128.75.  All of these are monitored.

There are some very good maps of high altitude frequencies on this message board.  The northeast U.S. is at:

Thankyou very much.Very helpful.


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