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Title: KIAH Feed?
Post by: pilotkev1 on March 18, 2006, 06:44:55 AM
Can someone get the KIAH Feed back up? It would really help, being an local spotter, and whatnot

Thanks, Kevin
Title: KIAH Feed?
Post by: Cessna172 on March 20, 2006, 11:47:59 PM
Hi Kevin,

I have no idea about setting up a feed for IAH, I was just interested in your spotting. Whereabout in Houston do you watch for planes? If I had one guess, I would say you'd proably like to hang out near KEFD. They have a really nice FBO (Southwest Services, not related to SWA). On the weekends (especially on Saturday), the F-16s from 147FW ANG take off in the morning at about 0800 or 0900 to go train out over the Gulf. Within close proximity of EFD, is William P. Hobby Airport (KHOU). In October, the Wings Over Houston Airshow at EFD is a blast!

Anyway, I'm a pilot out of West Houston Airport (KIWS). It is down I-10 west (coming from Downtown). Exit Barker-Cypress. Turn right. Right on Grosche. Address: 18000 Grosche. Come check it out!! It has the best FBO around with a great observation deck on the 2nd floor. On the weekends, especially on good weather days, you can see all kinds of great GA airplanes including pistons (single and twin), turboprops, jets, helicopters, warbirds, and others. The traffic pattern gets really full up on weekends, so check out the CTAF on 123.05. Also, the Civil Air Patrol flys out of IWS. You can occasionally hear them on the CTAF. They use the callsign: CapFlight####. I once heard a CAP pilot on the radio while I was in the pattern. He said: West Houston traffic, CapFlightxxxx, IMMEDIATE departure 15 to the west, west houston. I was tempted to key the mic and say: Immediate departure?? Whoaaaaaaa!! I bet he felt pretty cool about his immediate departure, so I let the chance for humor pass.

Anyway, come check IWS out. If you're a pilot, they've got about 6 C-172s for rent (2 of which are glass cockpits), a Baron, a Duke, and a Aerobatic Bonanza for rent.

Home Airport: West Houston Airport (KIWS)
Title: Re: KIAH Feed?
Post by: mdl21483 on April 13, 2006, 01:02:30 AM
Quote from: pilotkev1
Can someone get the KIAH Feed back up? It would really help, being an local spotter, and whatnot

Thanks, Kevin

Hey Kev nice to see you on here as well from besides our local yahoo group! It may not be IAH due to my range beyond their line of sight horizon, but I am currently working on establishing something for the southwest Houston area for the following frequencies:

118.65   *   AVIATION   Sugar Land Regional Tower   primary frequency; mostly clear reception)
118.7   *   AVIATION   Hobby Tower (256.900)   (usually clear reception)
122.95   *   AVIATION   Unicom   
122.975   *   AVIATION   Unicom Sugar Land
123.025   *   AVIATION   Helicopter Air-Air   clear
123.45   *   AVIATION   pilot air to air
123.8   *   AVIATION   Houston Departure Class B West (257.700) (ground2air static but readible- adjusting to compensate...)   
126.675   *   AVIATION   Houston Departure/Approach   (usually clear)
128.85   *   AVIATION   ARINC Memorial Hermann Life Flight Control KHM9 (STAR-NET trunk 208)   (ground2air usually clear; primary overnight freq.)

120.1      AVIATION   Houston Hobby Approach   
120.95   *   AVIATION   Hobby Ground/tower   
121.5   *   AVIATION   EMERGENCY (Class A, B, & S EPIRBs may be phased out by 2008)   
122.7   *   AVIATION   Unicom La Porte, Houston Gulf, Westheimer Airpark   
123.0   *   AVIATION   Unicom Houston Southwest, parachute jumping   
128.95   *   AVIATION   ARINC PHI Helicopter charters?-Galveston transmitter
133.05   *   AVIATION   Houston Hobby Apch
158.385   fm   MEDICAL   PHI AirMed Medical Helicopter-Richmond (OakBend)
159.57   fm   MEDICAL   PHI AirMed Medical Helicopter-Richmond (OakBend)

Everything's tenative until after August when I'll know if I'm staying here or moving closer to SGR when my rent expires.

If the IAH feed is reestablished, it may be through the HAS website though thats as wishful as having Continental/Southwest send a plane down for viewing at Wings Over Houston.


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Title: KIAH Feed?
Post by: Cessna172 on April 13, 2006, 08:17:28 PM

Interesting list of Houston freqs...

Have you tried listening to 123.05? That freq is West Houston CTAF (my airport!), San Marcos, and other untowered airports sharing that freq. It gets VERY busy on the weekends (especially on days with nice weather!).

Home Airport: West Houston Airport (KIWS)
Title: Re: KIAH Feed?
Post by: pilotkev1 on May 29, 2006, 01:33:54 AM
Hello again,

Sorry for my terribly late reply but after weeks of no responses I just lost interest, and have some how found my way back to this site.

I've only photographed at KIAH, once I had the opportunity to go to INW but favoured IAH instead. I'm Kevin Boydston on Planepictures, and airliners, but I swear with how long screening takes, and having a 5 queue upload limit it's really an arse to get pics accepted so far I've had 9 in the airliners database.

but if anyone has those resources, and lives around IAH it'd be absolutely fantastic to hear it on liveatc  :-)

Oh and a plug for my site

- Kev