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KEWR Using Frequency 126.15


I was looking at a Aircraft that had to return to Newark on Nov 19 for a Engine issue, and on landing the Ground Controller 121.8 requested that the crew and trucks go over to 126.15 instead of 134.05.

Is 126.15 the old feed that got taken ? Is anyone in that area?

134.05 appears to be a secondary tower frequency for KEWR and 126.15 is a secondary ground frequency.  It seems to me to make more sense for them to switch over to the secondary ground frequency and not the secondary tower frequency.  But at this point 126.15 does not appear to be covered by a LiveATC feed; it may have been available in the past but I don't know for sure.

Do you have an information on what flight this was?

Thanks, Ron

Hey Ron,

It was UAL1027 (N433UA). Engine number 1 compressor stall.

Hey, thanks for that.  I found that flight in FlightAware (see link below) but unfortunately, the audio archives for that date are no longer easily accessible.  126.15 is a frequency that Newark was probably not using at the time so it made sense for them to send that flight and the emergency vehicles to that frequency.


Hey Ron, yeah, don't worry, I did archive the audio when the time was there, I just never found a 126.15 archive, now knowing because it isn't there, thank you for responding.


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