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Any idea when the KBGR feed will be back up it has been intermittent for the last couple of days but now its down permanently now  :-( :-(


It's only been down for 18 hours. There appears to be a network or hardware issue at the site. We track all outages and when they've been down for 24 hours we start working on restoration. It can take a while in "unmanned" sites like BGR is.

Speaking of the Bangor feed, just wondering if maybe Boston Center 120.250 could be added ? This seems to be the frequency used most often for BGR arrivals and departures.

120.25 is covered on the KHUL feed. 124.25 is the only ZBW transmitter that can (sometimes) be heard from BGR. We'll probably remove 128.05 (covered at KHUL) from the BGR Approach/Departure feed since it is redundant and not useful. We recently installed a special filter at KHUL which has eliminated the AWOS interference we had previously for a long time.

The ZBW frequency used for flights into and out of BGR varies between 124.75 and 124.25...sometimes 128.05.

In that part of Boston Center (Area D) there has been a lot of sector combining due to COVID-19. This is due to much lower traffic levels as well as staggered working days for controllers to avoid COVID-19 taking the whole ARTCC down to ATC Zero. This affects communication monitoring when you are trying to focus on a particular area.

Thanks for the update John


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