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Yeah, I went to NATCA's page and read all about them going to congress for more money to hire 1000 more controllers each year, for the next three to four years. There's also a section in there showing which facilities are really hurting for manning and why they are. Crazy, ya know?

I spent 8 years and some change in the military and it's definitely time for me to get out. I went to college thru Embry online, just trying to beef myself up. Air traffic in the military is just so different though. I wanna be on the other side of the coin and start a regular life. No more going overseas, no more training if I don't want to. No more little additional duties, no paperwork. I guess it all comes down to stability and predictability. FAA is stable and with a union at your back, how can you go wrong?

GET OUT!  I only wish I could.  I cross trained late in my career (7 years in the AF) to ATC and by the time I got fully rated, I was over the 31 age limit.  It is too late for me to work for the FAA now unless I do the full 20 years in the AF.  So I am stuck for another 10 years!  If I could get out tomorrow, I would do it in a heartbeat.  I can only hope that the FAA will still be doing some sort of hiring 10 years from now.  

If you are under the age of 31, I would definitly get the heck out of the military and take advantage of the hiring about to start in the FAA.

Good luck.........

Thanks man, I'm definitely jumping ship. I've been in a little over 8 and I've had enough. You know EXACTLY what I mean. Only thing I'm worried about is will the FAA have enough money to hire all these new controllers? As of now, no. I'm keepin my fingers crossed. I definitely feel ya man, if I could leave tomorrow, I would.

what is the deal about the military to FAA/controller conversion?  Are you able to just do military time to the certification point taking you X amount of years to finish then leave for the real airports? or do you have to have X amount of years in service to be able to be certified by the FAA?   What's the process you have to go though?  I mean, will the FAA let you be a controller for them even if you have no attended college for specified degrees with ATC emphasis?  I'm only 21 and will graduate before im 22, so that gives me 8 full years of open space to work with.  Let us know what is going on.

It all depends, on what I am not sure.  I have known some people that have done 4 years of ATC in the military, then moved on to the FAA without going through the FAA school in Oklahoma.  I have known others that got hired, but had to go to the school in Oklahoma.  It is still not a bad deal though, the FAA pays you while you are going through the school, and the school is easy because you already know how to work air traffic.  All military rated controllers are rated as far as the FAA is concerned.  There is no conversion of any sort.  In fact, if you have a CTO (certified tower controller) for a military tower, it is an FAA certification.  The military is not a bad way to go if you can get in as an air traffic controller, do your 4 years and get out before you turn 31.


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