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That is really good to hear.  My father has been in the air force for 22 years now, he's about to retire full Col.  I knew many pilots that flew the B-2 and F117's, and I was able a few times to go up in the tower when they were flying and listen to the convos.  I'm just not sure 4 years in the military is my thing.  I would LOVE to become a controller and skip the schooling, b/c I definitely know I couldn't do "education" college wise, to become an ATC.  

Interesting that you talk about the one guy not having to go through the OK did that happen?  I thought that was a govt/FAA requirement to attend the OK school for X amount of time?  Maybe since the military is govt and you train for the govt, that the FAA passes you on schooling b/c you're basically working for them in a sense.  Would you say that most HAVE to attend the OK school out of the military after 4 years?  What is the most common track people take?  I know 4 years of military work wouldn't pay as much as I'd earn in the first couple years working directly for the FAA, so you can see why im interested in finding the quickest way to get certified and into a real airport.

Thanks for the great help w/ this job stuff.  It's a definite career potential since I've got an 8 year gap still.  Get back to me on some of those issues i talked about above, or anything else you might have insight on.  Thanks alot.

By the are Okinawa control right?  for Naha and Kadena?  I flew into Naha from Guam about 3 years back, you possibly had my plane on scope.  Small world!


--- Quote from: jester115 ---  Interesting that you talk about the one guy not having to go through the OK did that happen?  I thought that was a govt/FAA requirement to attend the OK school for X amount of time?  

I have a friend who graduated from the academy in Minnesota that specializes in center.  Apparently with that program, graduates do not go to Oke City for training...they go straight to the facility they are placed at.  They are trained there...but that's the case with any new hire once they are placed and begin work at their first facility.

I would guess that the case is similar with those who have prior experience with the military.  They may skip the training in Oke City and just train at their facility.  However, I've been at Purdue for almost 4 years and will still be required to go to Oke City for that initial training...even though I will have been exposed to it.  My friend went to the school in MN and will be training at Indy Center next month after just months of schooling.  Granted he didn't get a Bachelor's in MN.  What can I say?  It's the government.
--- End quote ---

My whole deal now is that I'm in college for business and finance...I want to use those once I finish up my tour in the tower/center/etc.  I just dont want to have to go to any more college to become a controller.  Like i said in a previous post, i have an 8 year window left, but i dont think additional college and then post-training would fit that time frame too well.  I may be wrong, but a short stint with the Air Force wouldn't be a killer at all.

Just to add to this...just found out today that the before mentioned school in MN for ARTCC's is being shut down.  The FAA prefers that all trainees go through training in Oke City.  Ironic that it was decided when we're talking about it!  Therefore, I would guess that the FAA would have military controllers go through the FAA academy.  My ATC prof said the FAA wants EVERY new hire to go through it, regardless of background.  Here's a link.



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