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JFK female controller


For years I've fallen asleep listening to ATC. Yeah I'm a nerd - is my version of listening to music. Recently I've heard a female Ground controller at JFK with an accent I can't pinpoint. She's super professional and her voice is so calm and smooth. Anyone else noticed her or know what accent she has?

Yes I've noticed her too.  There's a tinge of Europe in her accent but also may be South American?  Very professional and courteous.  Out of place with the other "extreme" controllers working there.  She lacks the arrogance so common at Kennedy.  Let me listen a little more next time she's on the air and I'll see if I can pick it up.

Me too !  I was thinking more Portugal-ese, or South African as far as the "accent".
but she is a good listen.


I also enjoy listening to ATC to relax, but out of PDX. I have my favorite air traffic controller voice out of the group.


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