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Incheon International airport in korea ATC.....


Hello all..

i'm south korean and i like boeing and airbus very much..

also a lot of planezz too...

anyways..i live in seuol in korea right now..

i wanna be a pilot in koreanair line...i'm 16 yrs old yet

so i wanna listen incheon ATC very much..but i can't get it..oops

how can i get that..?

somebody help me ( :) )

- Peterson -

Hi, Although I'm residing in Australia at the moment, I m a Korean National. I also have a great deal of interest in Incheon International but
as far as I'm concerned no one is broadcasting the signals from ICN.
I know its a pitty. I hope someone will soon broadcast it soon

It may be illegal to use and/or broadcast a scanner in S. Korea.


--- Quote from: Biff ---It may be illegal to use and/or broadcast a scanner in S. Korea.
--- End quote ---

As far as I know, it's illegal to even own a scanner there, let alone broadcast from it.

NOTE 1: The above information may be out of date and the source of the South Korea information came from an anonymous source.

NOTE 2: This is all too bad because South Korea is far ahead of much of the world in terms of resident broadband deployment.


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