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Re: ILS / LOC Approaches
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Still looking for something stronger.  91.175 (a) says you must use a SIAP, and the chart itself is a graphical description of the SIAP, which is part of Part 97, itself regulatory.  The chart says "This is where you intercept the glideslope"

Other than common sense, I'm still looking for a stronger statement of "don't fly the GS until the charted  point."

--Carlos V.

ETA: Hmmm. a blow to me.  AC120-29A uses the phrase "published minimum GSIA" which suggests by inference contrary to my position.  Still looking.

The chart indicates the minimum altitude for glideslope intercept, not the only altitude.  There is no regulation that prohibits use of the glideslope prior to the charted PFAF, since the usable distance of the signal from the antenna is often greater than the distance from the PFAF to the TDZ.  I don't really follow your suggestion that your statement is common sense; thousands of commercial pilots seem to believe otherwise.

I'm all ears for what Ron says, I have a lot of respect for his well supported opinions and interpretations.