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For at least the last week New York ARINC have been using 8825, 8846, 11396, 13297 as primaries on the Carribean Tracks (WATRS airspace) during the day (around 1100Z-2300Z). Just wondering what the chances are of getting the 6577 and 11330 feeds changed to 8825 and 13297 for about a week or so while they are running this configuration ? If it's not too much trouble, I'm guessing you can do this remotely ?

As a side note 8825 is a NAT-E frequency or at least was, not sure how long they have been using it as a CAR frequency, seems to have replaced 6577 for now.


How sure are we that the change is permanent? I control all those and can do it remotely or just create some new feeds, but I am a little receiver limited. It's a bit of work to switch what we have for these and then have to do it all over in a week.  :-)


--- Quote from: dave on February 05, 2024, 06:54:00 AM ---How sure are we that the change is permanent?
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Not sure at all. They have been consistent for the last week but that could all change with the HF conditions. The NAT-E frequencies 8825 and 6628 being used in the CAR area is new to me, not sure what's up with that. I'll keep an eye (ear) on it and see how it goes.

--- Quote from: dave on February 05, 2024, 06:54:00 AM ---It's a bit of work to switch what we have for these and then have to do it all over in a week.
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Understand, no worries if it's to much trouble.

New York ARINC still using 8825 and 8846 (north) and 11396 and 13297 (south) as the primary frequencies in the CAR/WATRS area during the day (13Z-23Z). This has been consistent over the last 10 days.

Have some more receiver capacity now and made some changes. Still a work in progress. New feeds so far:

HF CAR-A 13297 NH
HF CAR-A 8825 NH
HF NAT-A 13306 NH

New HF model is SDR receivers only (combination of KiwiSDR 1 and 2 models) with a Linux-based client system running (Python code). That system has been in operation for a while but a legacy Linux system feeding from a few analog receivers failed recently. No intention of resurrecting it right away. It changed frequencies on those receivers twice per day, attempting to follow HF propagation. With daily, seasonal and sunspot changes over time it was hard to keep a reasonable frequency change schedule up to date. Doing it all via SDR and over the LAN is a lot easier and more flexible. Also, fewer cables and lower power!

Still have to add some of the lost NAT frequencies back.

Overall review and more suggestions welcome. Too far away from the West Coast to think about Pacific frequencies. Perhaps someone closer to  the West Coast will get interested in feeding those.

Talked to a pilot friend a few weeks ago who flies the WATRs routes and less and less traffic is on HF these days. SELCAL checks and backup for emergencies. The rest of the comms are on CPDLC.


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