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HF CAR Request ?

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--- Quote from: dave on May 02, 2024, 08:41:45 AM ---Overall review and more suggestions welcome.
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Thanks for the new feeds Dave. Checking the archives from this morning and I see New York ARINC is still using 8825 as the primary CAR frequency in the northern parts of WATRS (now officially known as WAT airspace). So a nice addition. Although HF conditions aren't very good today.

--- Quote from: dave on May 02, 2024, 08:41:45 AM ---Talked to a pilot friend a few weeks ago who flies the WATRs routes and less and less traffic is on HF these days. SELCAL checks and backup for emergencies. The rest of the comms are on CPDLC.

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CPDLC is replacing a lot of ARTCC voice coms in domestic airspace as well. Any interest in decoding CPDLC messages on your site ? Maybe call it the LiveATC "Data Edition" ? There was a great website (Thebaldgeek) doing this already (VHF/HF and SATCOM) but he seems to have shut it down recently (not sure why ?). Airframes is good too, but they don't seem interested in decoding CPDLC messages (so far anyway). Anyone know of any other sites decoding CPDLC ?


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