Author Topic: Grumpy controllers do good...sometimes  (Read 3698 times)

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Grumpy controllers do good...sometimes
« on: September 22, 2005, 06:56:21 AM »
I am just listening to my daily recording from yesterday of a controller from 128.3 (Timmins sector daytime feed) who sounds like his mic is shoved down his throat, did a great job with Air Canada 179 in our low altitude radar coverage.  The controller replied  about there not being any complaints for 'chop'.  The controller mentioned he would speak with Winnipeg for updates and co-ordinate the flight planning, and just now mentioned, Winnipeg has no complaints.  

We often hear a lot of trans-Atlantic flights drop down to our northern Ontario sector in order to avoid turbulence and climb after the hand-off.  

Point here is the controller sounds grumpy but still does a good job ;)