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Just want to say thanks for

Very happy to see DTW added to the list(thank you also "capntoo".....)

I'm about 70 north of DTW on the flightpath for mostly westbound traffic going into O'Hare.  I like to track the airline traffic on my scanner, the contrails in the morning(due to lots of eastcoast/O'hare traffic) can be pretty spectacular(well, on the few occasions in MI when it's not cloudy that is 8) ).

I use the following freq. sequence....125.77-133.87-126.125-133.2(barely) before I lose them over Lake MI.

I believe 133.87 is the freq. as aircraft transition from Toronto Center to Cleveland Center on the route to ORD, however I do not always get their preceding transmissions on 125.77. I've tryed to scan the entire aircraft band trying to find this "mysterious missing freq." but no luck.

Oh well, if anyone may think they know this freq.(southern ontario/northern lake erie going west) i'd appreciate it.

Again, thanks to all for LiveATC.

I always hear Minny Center hand aircraft over to Cleveland Center 133.87.    If you listen to the TVC feed, I have the high altitude freqs in. I believe the Peck VOR is in this area.    I was under the impression that 133.87 covered the thumb and southeast Michigan

You are correct. If you split the lower Peninsula into 4 sections 133.87 would pretty much cover the SE quadrant. The far southern section of that quadrant though is(I believe) 134.77(Cleveland Center....a lot of NY/east coast bound traffic there). Minneapolis Center seems to cover the NW\NE parts with Chicago Center picking up the SW quadrant(126.12/132.27).

I don't have a very good antenna(just the stock on the scanner itself)so at best I pick up aircraft(high alt)within about a 130 mile radius of my location. I know ATC will split it's feeds from time to time depending on traffic volume so perhaps that why I don't always start picking up the west-bound traffic(over Ontario)on 125.77.

If these aircraft follow J574 then the frequency i'm looking for would be somewhere between BUF(buffalo)and YXU(london).

Look at Radio Shacks antennas.  I bought a decent one for right around $25.00.  It goes from the scanner vai coax to a piece that is stuck on the window, and then you just stick the antenna on the outside of the window.  It made a world of difference.

Thanks for the info.

I've got an old Radio Shack model PRO-2002 that I bought out in California way back when the space shuttle missions first started in order to listen to JPL Repeater\NASA_Mission Control. It's still a pretty powerful unit, even with it's default antenna.

Also(up in a garage attic)is another newer(well-mid 80's) Radio Shack(model?)that I have connected to a external antenna.  I do get a bit more distance with the external antenna scanner, however out here in the sticks the difference is pretty negligible. As usual atmospheric conditions also weigh in on reception.


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