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Great feed of Boston ARTCC

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I must say that being in the NYC area the last frequency I get from departing traffic toward Europe is 127.825 but with the addition of the frequencies that are on the experimental boston artcc hookup is a great compliment to my scanner listening. Good to hear also traffic coming in on 133.45 and 134.95 switching to the first freq i hear on my scanner without listening to the feed.I know I am asking much but would be greatly appreciated by this listener to add 135.7 to the fray as to hear European Traff coming into DTW and some ORD flights as well

Those Boston High Level freqs. are terrific!  Lost of heavy guys all the way from Miami and even Mexico transitting this airspace heading to Europe.  Its great to have the free Flight Tracker on at the time to see what type and where they are going.

GREAT WORK DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spend quite a few hours a day stuck to your site, and always have a feed on at work!


FLIGHT WATCH seems a super idea to watch action on this GREAT feed...Can you give me the web site for this flight tracker...thanks in advance  akb

akb: Try the following links:


Thanks for the helpful reply on Tracking now up and running ,,great
SkyViking I owe you a Guinness in Allens (Irish Bar in Toronto).akb


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