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Geneva frequencies missing

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Hello, it's been a long time since I used LiveATC. When I came back to the website and search for LSGG, only Tower appears. Does anyone know what happened to other frequencies like Arrival and Radar?

LSGG tower is gone too some days ago. No more LSGG  coverage  :-(.
I wrote to LiveATC, using the ad hoc form, a few months ago to offer them coverage of some LSGG frequencies. I never got a response.
So I wrote to them again a few weeks ago: No reply, no acknowledgement.
I admit I'm a bit disappointed: I offer to contribute to liveATC, and nobody takes the time to answer me...

There are no messages from you in our support system. Please PM me offline with a ticket number if you have one. But checking your email address there is no contact.

If you can please recover the feed, I'll be happy!

Any chance to bring back the LSGG feed?


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