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Geneva frequencies missing

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Where did you see the LSGG channels? I know the audio-in addresses. But without this "insider knowledge" I haven't found any tracks yet...?

We are currently still in the process of ramping up several streams. They should be found "officially" in the next hours. We have given the "OK".

For now we can only offer channels like Arrival, Departure, Radar etc. because we receive from relatively far away. I am in contact with another enthusiast so hopefully we will be able to offer the local frequencies like Tower, Ground etc soon.

But: After a long time without coverage, Geneva frequencies are now coming to About time, isn't it?

Feedback on the channels is welcome.

It is done! After a long absence, the first frequencies from Geneva (GVA / LSGG) are back on

These are mainly frequencies which can be received well from a distance: Arrival, Departure, Radar Initial Low Level and all Radar Upper Levels. The ATIS is also available.

Local frequencies like Tower, Ground, Apron etc. cannot be covered from a distance and will hopefully follow later - we are preparing with an enthusiast from the Geneva region.

As a good start I would recommend the LSGG Arrival. It's exciting to hear how the airliners are approached and separated to the ILS Localizer. On FlightAware or another online radar service, you can track the position of the airliners and see how they are lined up on the ILS.

Have fun with the LSGG frequencies, which have their own special charm. For example, part of the communication is in French, part in English.

Oh wow, Christmas really has come early! Thank you to all who contributed :D

I would like to note that there is one upper sector missing, namely L67. While it is most of the time combined with L5, it can be separated in case of high traffic especially in the summer.

The L67 sector (L6 + combined with a "virtual" L7 sector) is from FL370 to FL660 and has the frequency 132.615.

Have a great day all

Thank you for the great feedback. It also makes us happy when we know that other enthusiasts also enjoy and appreciate the frequencies of LSGG

My personal favorite while walking is the scanner over Arrival and Departure. :-)

Thanks for pointing out the current missing radar level 6, we are aware of its existence. Due to hardware and SDR restrictions we had deliberately left it out for the time being.

In the course of opening up further frequencies, we may soon be able to include this L6 in the package.

Have fun and thanks for the info.

Thanks so much for your contributions, guys!


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