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Geneva frequencies missing

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The interested person and I have had an initial exchange today. We are now checking the possibilities from his location and will contact you directly as soon as we have streams that are usable.

Meanwhile, two feeders are preparing to bring LSGG back online. I try to coordinate and support both.

Regarding the frequencies: I think the data you mentioned are the new channels in the 8kHz grid. I.e. these data can be entered exactly like that in the airplane and converted internally by the radio. But if you have to enter the effective frequency like RTLSDR, then the frequencies are sometimes different.

For this reason I would say that the effective frequencies are the following (according to AIP):

--- Code: ---      freqs = ( 136.450, 136.250, 119.525, 130.550, 120.300, 131.325, 118.700, 119.900, 119.700, 121.675, 121.850, 121.750);
      labels = ( "Transit", "Arrival", "Departure", "Approach", "Final", "Departure Aux", "Tower", "Tower 2", "Tower/Ground Aux", "Ground", "Apron", "Apron Aux");

--- End code ---
The feeders will contact you as soon as the setups are ready.

There have to be a lot of approach frequencies in Geneva, the region is packed full of airports, there are several major ones within 150 miles of Geneva, air traffic has to be really, really well monitored. Plus, you've got a lot of different air forces flying in the region, too!


--- Quote from: dave on February 22, 2020, 08:22:19 AM ---There are no messages from you in our support system. Please PM me offline with a ticket number if you have one. But checking your email address there is no contact.

--- End quote ---

18 months after, I'm back  :wink:

I've done a successful rtl-airband config. I can now provide :

LSGG Geneva Arrival: 136.255
LSGG Geneva Departure 119.525 (or 119.530 ?)

I don't know how to provide 2 freqs with only one dongle.

I will fill the ad hoc contact form and DM to Dave.

Thanks for the info.

You can only stream two frequencies separately with one dongle if they are within a 2.5MHz window. Otherwise you have to configure a frequency scanning mode where you only hear one frequency out of many. Details can be found in the RTLSDR Airband Wiki.

Together with two other enthusiasts we are preparing a huge offer for LSGG. From Radar Upper Level to Tower and Ground everything should be available in very good quality at the end. A part of it might go online soon.

If you want to focus on something now, I would target the tower frequency. Especially if you are close to the airport and receive the aircraft on the ground well.


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