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It seems most if not all of the frequencies seem to be non active or the extremem staticy nature of the feeds are blocking air traffic from being heard. Secondly can the frequency 127.9 be added since i did hear a weak handoff to that frequency.


Good morning - Ohayo-Gozaimasu

Because Fukuoka Airport is located in the city center, the airport's operational hours are limited.
Takeoffs and landings are permitted from 07:00 to 22:00 Japan time, so outside of these hours, VHF is very quiet.

Fukuoka Airport is the busiest single runway airport in Japan, so VHF is very busy during operation hours.

It is now 08:39 JST (23:37 UTC) and there are takeoffs and landings almost every 2 minutes.

For other frequency bands... If anyone feeds higher frequency bands, it would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Would you consider adding some high altitude frequencies for a future feed ?

I have heard a handoff to 135.65 and I do believe 133.15/132.4/134.35 may be in your area . If you have verified high level frequencies you know of can you message me to or in PM  so I can cross reference with a Central Japan SDR feed i listen to .


Unfortunately, I have no plans to do so at this time :cry:

The frequencies you mentioned include FUKUOKA control/KOBE control/TOKYO control.  I have researched and investigated various airbands around Fukuoka, and found that they are divided between FUKUOKA control and KOBE control according to altitude (bounded by FL335), and that the airspace around Fukuoka Airport is divided into smaller areas and frequencies are assigned to each. There are so many airbands in three dimensions that it is difficult to understand what is what. :-o

yes i am finding that out with the SDR i listen too . Fukuoka seems to control all of Japan at super high and Sapporo/Tokyo/Kobe as you mentioned for the lower levels . Would you happen to have an updated list or chart depicting frequencies and sectors ? I pretty much have north of Osaka figured out but Southern part of Japan and Kyusu island i am having problems with


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